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Welcome from the Heroes, Great and Small, Inc. Team!

Since 1990, we have walked alongside hundreds of children who have risen above the horrors of sexual abuse. We have watched in awe at the courage and resilience of these children. The Heroes Team has seen the horrific wounds left by the Tricksters' experiences...the torment, the fear, the confusion, the guilt, the solitude. But we have seen things even greater...courage, purity, joy, playfulness, love, bravery.

We celebrate the lives and mending hearts of these children as precious gifts. We believe that Heroes will bring back smiles

In 31 years, our message has never changed...These amazing human beings are HEROES! We have additional messages now though. Some of them are posed in our HERO pledge and in our book, Bad Things Can't Stop the Best Things by Sandra Allen and Shannon Bond.

We're all in this together, join our journey! Bad things can't stop the best things!